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The Beginning - Taylor's Farm House

Frank B. Taylor Engineering OfficeFrank B. Taylor Engineering OfficeFrank B. Taylor Engineering Office

Frank B. Taylor Engineering Inc.

Frank B. TaylorFrank B. Taylor


In 1975, when Frank B. Taylor started an engineering business out of a spare bedroom in his old red farmhouse on George Washington Road, he was unsure of what the future might bring.  A Scott Township resident since 1948 and a professional engineer for more than 30 years, Mr. Taylor spent the majority of his career working for other local engineering firms, but recognized a need in the county for more specialized services.  With this in mind, the 57-year old Army veteran decided to take a chance, and relying on his decades of experience and his own instincts, he left his full-time job to make a go of it.

While most men his age were preparing for retirement, Mr. Taylor was working day and night to make his mark.  His hard work paid off.  Business started booming, and it was not long before Frank's wife, Helen, and their two sons, J. Ross and John, formed a partnership under the name Frank B. Taylor Engineering.  The company soon commandeered two spare bedrooms in the Taylor home, and eventually the firm moved to a full-size office on the Taylor property.

Within the first few years of its establishment, Frank B. Taylor was appointed the consulting engineer for a number of municipalities, including Scott Township, and was selected as the engineer on several private projects, including the multi-million dollar Castle Hills Estates development.

The company continued to thrive in the years that followed.  Several more engineers joined the firm and a large crew of survey technicians rounded out the growing staff.  The company's list of clientele grew as well, and more than fifteen Western Pennsylvania municipalities have selected Frank B. Taylor Engineering as their consulting engineer, not to mention the hundreds of private clients who turned to the company for guidance on their projects or for assistance with property surveys.  The office nearly doubled in size as two additions were made, one in the mid 80's and one in the mid 90's, to house all of the employees and the numerous maps and files that come with a flourishing engineering and surveying business.

After being diagnosed with cancer in 1989, Mr. Taylor continued to work side-by-side with his wife, his sons, and his trusted employees, including his grandson, John Jr., who joined the firm full-time as a surveyor in 1993.  Eventually his failing health forced him into retirement, and with his family surrounding him, Frank B. Taylor passed away on May 29, 1994.  In 1997, the company had the honor of designing and overseeing the construction of Frank B. Taylor Memorial Bridge, which resides in Scott Township and carries Gardner Road over Slippery Rock Creek.  Frank's wife, Helen maintained an active role in the company until her passing on December 29, 2003.

 For more than 30 years, the company has supported Scott Township as the consulting engineer, including assisting the Township in establishing their first subdivision and land development ordinance in 2002.  More recently, in 2008, the firm designed and oversaw the construction of Stoughton Road Bridge, which carries Stoughton Road over Slippery Rock Creek.

Frank B. Taylor Engineering still operates out of the same location on George Washington Road in Scott Township, with Ross serving as Managing Partner and John serving as Business Manager and Chief of Survey.  John's son, John Jr., is the company's Lead Surveyor.  In July of 2008, Danielle Lewis, Ross's daughter, joined the firm as the office administrator.  Sadly, Danielle passed away on August 29, 2014 from cancer.  Frank B. Taylor Engineering will celebrate 43 years of business in 2018.

Written by Danielle D. Lewis

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